102 Autobody and Repair

Lajivastaava Tommi Kettunen ja varavastaava Kari Kaaja Tredusta.
Tommi Kettunen and Kari Kaaja from Tredu.

The competition tasks are based on the requirements of the grade Excellent (K3) of the Autobody and Repair vocational qualification.

Autobody repairers must master customer service, the preparing of a damage analysis and cost estimate for a damaged vehicle, the use of measuring instruments, dent pulling with various panel pulling devices, the removing of welded and screw-fastened body parts, the repairing of plastic parts, and auto glass replacement.

An autobody repairer prepares the target areas so that they are ready to be delivered to a car painter.

Skill requirements

The core competency in this vocation lies in repairing damages caused by accidents. An accident may damage a vehicle’s technology, body structure, and cosmetic surfaces.

A knowledge of body materials and their repair methods is essential when it comes to cars with modern safety technology. Correctly interpreting and following the car manufacturer’s body repair instructions is necessary in order to reach a safe end result.

Welding skills with various equipment are an essential part of autobody repair work. The competitors must also have a good command of various measuring and testing instruments. Post-painting outfitting and quality assurance are also a part of this vocation.