201 Mech. Eng. CAD

Lajivastaava Timo Heikkilä Tredusta.
Coordinator Timo Heikkilä from Tredu

The CAD design competition involves producing planning documents. The documents to be planned may be drawings, written material or 3D models to be used in manufacturing and marketing various products. The tasks are general in nature and do not require specialized skills in any specific design field. They may also include producing calculations and/or presentation graphics.

The competition tasks are based on the requirements of the grade Excellent (K3) of the basic vocational qualifications. The tasks are purely practical design assignments involving drawing and modelling, and do not require extensive theoretical knowledge.

Skill requirements

The competitors must be comfortable with the basic skills of CAD design in office services and technical design. A successful competitor must be able to

  • design 3D models and use them in producing drawings and marketing
  • use CAD software to design technical drawings that adhere to industry standards
  • produce drawings using illustration methods and markings that adhere to current standards
  • make changes in drawings
  • measure and draft a given object with such accuracy that the drafts can be used to make a model and a drawing of the object
  • use general office software to produce text, spreadsheets and presentation graphics
  • utilize various guidelines and standards in the work
  • use basic measuring devices
  • present his or her views clearly and with confidence.

In addition to these requirements, the competitor must also

  • understand and follow given instructions
  • Successfully plan his or her time management in the competition situation
  • Follow the given safety instructions
  • show initiative.