203 Print Design

Media-alaa edustavat varavastaava Susanna Järvensivu ja lajivastaava Johanna Veijanen Tredusta.
Deputy coordinator Susanna Järvensivu and coordinator Johanna Veijanen.

This competition is based on the curriculum of the vocational qualification for Print Design. This is an individual competition. The assessment is based on the requirements for the grade Excellent (K3) in the qualification module Design and Implementation of Layout for Printed Matter (40 skill points). The competitor must also be able to produce an online version of the publication, based on the requirements of the qualification module Design and Implementation of Online Publications.

Skill requirements

The requirements for layout implementation at skill level Excellent (3) for e.g. the following contents:

  • command and integrated use of graphic design, image processing and desktop publishing software
  • proper use of vector graphics and pixel images
  • file management observing the quality requirements for print
  • basics of typography
  • producing illustrations / image material
  • colour profiles for different printing techniques
  • digital printing
  • producing material for websites and reading devices