203 Print Design

Media-alaa edustavat varavastaava Susanna Järvensivu ja lajivastaava Johanna Veijanen Tredusta.
Deputy coordinator Susanna Järvensivu and coordinator Johanna Veijanen.

This competition is based on the curriculum of the vocational qualification for Print Design. This is an individual competition. The assessment is based on the requirements for the grade Excellent (K3) in the qualification module Design and Implementation of Layout for Printed Matter (40 skill points). The competitor must also be able to produce an online version of the publication, based on the requirements of the qualification module Design and Implementation of Online Publications.

Skill requirements

The requirements for layout implementation at skill level Excellent (3) for e.g. the following contents:

  • command and integrated use of graphic design, image processing and desktop publishing software
  • proper use of vector graphics and pixel images
  • file management observing the quality requirements for print
  • basics of typography
  • producing illustrations / image material
  • colour profiles for different printing techniques
  • digital printing
  • producing material for websites and reading devices

Competition task structure and central task module components

The assignment is to design and implement a graphic layout for different media using professional tools and equipment. Note that in some of the tasks, you should also leave time for finishing and presentation (trimming and fixing onto a Kapa board).


Assessment component A (5 points): Visual job application (advance task)

Design and implement your own portfolio for job-hunting, to be viewed on screen. In the portfolio you’ll introduce yourself and your best work. The portfolio should showcase your skills in image processing, vector graphics and typography. You should also write a short description of each work. The audience can view the electronic portfolio during the competition, so it should be technically functional.

The portfolio must include:

  • Introduction:
    • First name, surname
    • age, qualification, school
    • picture of you (350x500px)
  • Work samples:
    • Vector graphics
    • Image processing
    • Typography
  • size: 1920x1080px

Send the completed materials by 30 April 2018 to johanna.veijanen@tampere.fi


Assessment component B (10 points): T-shirt

Design and implement a single colour T-shirt material as vector graphics for screen printing, and model images of the end result on a black and white T-shirt.

  • size: max. A4, horizontal or vertical
  • T-shirt colours: black and white


Assessment component C (25 points): Packaging

Design and implement a package for chocolate. The packages are printed digitally.

  • printing: digital
  • ICC profile: coatedFogra39
  • colours: 4/0 CMYK
  • file: print-ready PDF


Assessment component D (30 points): Layout

Design and implement a publication with a desktop publishing program.

  • size: a multi-page brochure folder from one A4 sheet
  • scope: free form and number of pages
  • printing: offset, coated offset printing paper
  • colours: 4/4 CMYK
  • file: print-ready PDF


Assessment component E (10 points): Product photography

Photograph a product in a studio environment.


Assessment component F (10 points): Social media ad (Facebook + Instagram)

Design and implement a visual ad for social media channels.


Assessment component H (10 points): Checking ad material

Check the customer’s print-ready ad material (PDF).
Using a word processor, write an appropriate message to the customer, clearly explaining the corrections needed.


Mon 14 May 2018
3.00 pm              Gathering of the competition 203 participants, getting familiar with the competition areas
6.00 pm              Park festival in Sorsapuisto Park
7.00 pm              Opening ceremony in Tampere Hall
Tue 15 May 2018
10.00 am – 7.00 pm Competition time
Task B: T-shirt
Lunch break
Task C: Packaging
Wed 16 May 2018
8.00 am – 5.00 pm Competition time
Task D: Layout
Lunch break
Task D: Layout continues
Task E: Product photography
Briefing; the task is performed in accordance with the competitor-specific schedule

6.00 pm Finland’s biggest party for vocational students at the Särkänniemi amusement park
Thu 17 May 2018
8.00 am – 1.00 pm Competition time
Task F: Social media ad
Lunch break
PDF corrections

3.00 pm                 competition feedback at the competition sites
4.00 pm                 closing ceremony and awards at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre


Competition task assessment criteria

The jury ranks the competitors by defining the score for each competitor. The scoring system is the WorldSkills CIS system where the maximum total score is 100 points per competition. The competition entries are assessed daily, and the final assessment criteria will be decided by the competition jury. Competitors can be removed from the competition if their behaviour compromises the safety of themselves or others. The competition entries will also be assessed throughout the competition. The final assessment criteria will be decided by the competition jury at its meeting.

Assessment components

Description of the assessment process

Print design 30% (subjective assessment)

  • suitability for target group and purpose
  • image selection and use
  • colour use
  • aesthetic balance and composition
  • typography and readability

Technical competence 70% (objective assessment)

  • choice of software and professional use
  • file management
  • basic camera settings
  • image processing
  • colour management
  • use of logos
  • publication settings
  • trims
  • PDF print-readiness


The compulsory themes of the Taitaja competition 5%

  • entrepreneurship
  • sustainable development
  • wellbeing at work and work safety
  • economical working


Materials, equipment and work phases used in the competition and the competition area
(what the competition organizer provides)

Competitor workstation:

  • iMac 21”
  • Adobe CC (English)
  • A system camera
  • A sketch pad

Shared equipment:

SRA3 colour printer
Xerox digital printing machine J75 (the competitor does not need to operate it)
The material needed in the tasks is distributed during the task briefing. The workstations are assigned by a draw on the first competition day.

Technical problems

If you encounter technical problems or have a question, please raise your hand.
The judge will decide whether he or she can assist you and whether other competitors should be notified of the issue.

External equipment

Connecting external devices (hard drives, USB flash drives, tablets, phones, etc.) to the competition computer is prohibited. Creating an external connection on the competition computer is not permitted.


Phones must be switched off during the competition performance.

Files and prints

Task files and prints must not be taken outside the competition area.

Listening to music

Competitors are allowed to listen to music on their headphones on personal devices or through an application installed on the computer in advance. The player must not be connected to the competition computer.

What the competitor brings to the competition venue

Personal equipment such as pens for sketching the tasks.

Example task and assessment as a whole


Main Judge, Vesa Iltola, Gradia
Susanna Järvensivu, Tampere Vocational College
Tuula Karastie, Helsinki Vocational College
Pasi Räsämäki, Riveria
Pia Ropo, Propaganda
Toni Ahonen, Backstage Rock Shop Oy
Julia Jalava, DS Smith
Johanna Veijanen, Tampere Vocational College

And the customers ordering the work
Three judges at once participate in the subjective assessment.