204 IT / Software Applications

Lajivastaavana toimii Petteri Pyykkönen Tavastiasta ja varavastaavana Päivi Keskitalo Tredusta.
Coordinator Petteri Pyykkönen from Tavastia and Päivi Keskitalo from Tredu.

During the competition, the competitors will perform tasks with the Microsoft Office software. The competition tasks are based on the curriculum of the vocational qualifications in Business and in Information and Telecommunications Technology. The skill requirement level is in line with the curriculum grade Excellent (K3). When completing the tasks, the competitor should focus on entrepreneurship, sustainable development, well-being at work, and work safety.

Skill requirements

  • Spreadsheets (Excel)
  • Processing spreadsheet data (filtering, subtotals, protection, linking, importing data)
  • Adding illustrations to a spreadsheet (images, objects, links, comments, editing charts)
  • Using calculation formulas and functions
  • Goal seek
  • Recording macros and producing a macro button
  • Word processing (Word)
  • Styles and document templates
  • Long documents (section breaks, headers and footers, table of contents, indexes, references and bibliographies)
  • Columns (dividing a text into columns)
  • Merge functions (labels and form letters, connecting to a data source)
  • Forms (creating and editing tables and form fields)
  • Presentation graphics (PowerPoint)
  • Diverse use of images and drawing tools, animations
  • Inserting and editing charts and objects, as well as RGP colour definitions
  • Slide-specific effects, text effects, action buttons, hyperlinks

The finals will include a part where the competitors utilize external databases. The tasks may also be solved using Excel add-ons: PowerView, PowerQuery, PowerMap, and PowerPivot.

Competing in the finals will also be accepted as qualification completion of the Advanced Card. Past competition tasks and sample tasks can be found here.

All software is in English.

Competition task structure and central task module components

The total score of the finals task is distributed as follows:

  • Excel 40%
  • Word 25%
  • PowerPoint 20%
  • Utilizing external databases 15%

Task scope and time allotted

The scope of the tasks varies from short 20min quick tasks to 1.5-hour tasks. The total competition time is 14 hours.

Competition task assessment criteria

The competition tasks are based on the basic qualification in Business and in Information and Telecommunication technology. The required skill level is in line with the Excellent (K3) grade of the qualification.

Description of the assessment process

Objective assessment is used in all tasks.

Materials, equipment and work phases used and the competition area

Laptops are used in the competition. The software is Microsoft Office 2016, the Windows10 operating system and the Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files, all in English.

What the competitor brings to the competition venue

The competitor may bring along personal headphones if he or she wishes to listen to music during work.

Sample task and assessment as a whole
(reference to a sample task)

There is a maritime theme to the tasks.

The competitors will perform the tasks

– using office software (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) – example tasks are the finals tasks from previous years, which can be found at HTTP://WWW.TAITAJA.COM and in the TASK BANK.

– In the finals tasks, the competitor must also know how to seek and process external database information (the database is a local SQL Server Express database), which is done by PowerPivot and Word and/or Excel. The competitor must know how to read and interpret an ER model and database table definitions. Designing an ER model is not included in the competition description.

The competitor must have a good command of English. The software is in English, and the files processed in the tasks are also in English.