206 Web Design

Producing websites is a versatile field that requires artistic creativity and the ability to create websites that are easy to use and technically functional. The competitor must be familiar with the different phases of the website production process.

Skill requirements

The competitor must be able to gain an accurate impression of the customer, as well as the website’s information contents and services, target user group and essential concept.

The competitor must be able to produce a wireframe of the site, a layout plan for the main and/or frontpage interface, and to specify the technologies to be used in creating the site (programming languages, software, etc.).

The competitor will assemble the website using different technologies and software. The competitor will test the site with different browsers, data terminal equipment and a W3C validator. The competitor will publish the site on a server and present the site to the customer. The competitor must have a good command of matters related to servers and databases.

The competitor will produce the documentation needed in website maintenance and guide the customer in implementing and using the site. The competitor must have interaction skills needed in team work and

manifest his or her style of entrepreneurship in the competition situation. The competitor must take into account the ergonomic factors contributing to his or her own well-being at work.

In addition to these requirements, the competitor must also know how to

  • take into account data security and the most common standards
  • design websites that are visually impressive and responsive with the help of style sheets
  • observe the current trends of the trade
  • take accessibility and usability into account
  • produce websites that can be updated via the browser
  • produce media files required by the service
  • manage projects and work in a team
  • solve problems occurring during the project
  • connect the finished website into social media software.