302 Ladies’ / Men’s Hairdressing

Lajivastaava Johanna Ojamäki ja varavastaava Nina Haring Tredusta.
Coordinator Johanna Ojamäki and deputy coordinator Nina Haring from Tredu.

The competition tasks are based on the requirements for the grade Excellent (K3) in the vocational qualification and on the requirements of working life for a young employee.

A hairdresser knows how to serve the customer through various treatments for the hair, skin and beard. The work tasks of a hairdressing professional include hair cutting and beard treatments, hairstyles and make-up as well as dyeing and perming treatments. Team work and interaction skills as well as entrepreneurship are essential in this vocation.

A hairdresser must also have skills needed in working life, such as the ability to offer complete styling services for the customer and the competence needed for hair care and styling schemes. Hairdressers mainly work in companies of the field either as employees, sole traders, or entrepreneurs.

The competition tasks are in line with the qualification curriculum. The extent of the various qualification modules will be emphasized in the competition tasks. The tasks may also be used in competence-based examinations. The student/competitor may apply for competence recognition based on the competition certificate.

Skill requirements

  • The competence areas based on the hairdresser’s qualification and curriculum:
  • hair cutting and beard treatments
  • hairstyles and make-up
  • hair dyeing
  • perm treatments
  • business and entrepreneurship in hairdressing
  • customer styling services
  • comprehensive hair care and styling

A successful competitor must also master:

  • the practical and artistic competence in a hairdresser’s work
  • knowledge-based professional skills
  • planning the work
  • working independently
  • customer service skills and entrepreneurship
  • team work skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • work safety, hygiene and ergonomics
  • ethical and aesthetic skills
  • product knowledge
  • consideration for ecology and sustainable development.