305 Caring

The competition tasks are based on the requirements for the grade Excellent (K3) in the vocational qualification in Social and Health Care. The competitors must demonstrate skills required to support and guide the growth and development of people of different ages and in different life situations, as well as the skills required to care for them and support their rehabilitation.

Skill requirements

Practical nurses who have completed the vocational qualification in Social and Health Care work with people and for people. Practical nurses know how to meet clients and patients of different ages and promote their health and well-being. Practical nurses perform nursing, care, education, and rehabilitation tasks in the social and health care sector.

Success in this competition requires the skills related to the common modules of the vocational qualification in social and health care / practical nurse. The competition focuses on the following areas: supporting and guiding growth, care, and supporting rehabilitation. The competition tasks are constructed so that the same task includes contents from different modules in the common vocational studies of the qualification.