305 Caring

Coordinator Mari Salmi ja deputy coordinator Elina Tarkki from tredusta.

The competition tasks are based on the requirements for the grade Excellent (K3) in the vocational qualification in Social and Health Care. The competitors must demonstrate skills required to support and guide the growth and development of people of different ages and in different life situations, as well as the skills required to care for them and support their rehabilitation.

Skill requirements

Practical nurses who have completed the vocational qualification in Social and Health Care work with people and for people. Practical nurses know how to meet clients and patients of different ages and promote their health and well-being. Practical nurses perform nursing, care, education, and rehabilitation tasks in the social and health care sector.

Success in this competition requires the skills related to the common modules of the vocational qualification in social and health care / practical nurse. The competition focuses on the following areas: supporting and guiding growth, care, and supporting rehabilitation. The competition tasks are constructed so that the same task includes contents from different modules in the common vocational studies of the qualification.


Competition task structure and key task module components

General description of the tasks

Tuesday 15 May 2018
Growth support and instruction     35p

Task 1A         2h         20p
Plan and implement a 45-minute instruction situation for children aged 5-6 in early education. During the activity, you will be assisted by a 9th-grader on work experience. The subject is exercise and relaxation.

Task 1B         1h         10p
You will be guiding a father whose 1-year-old child is starting nursery school in a group for children aged 1-5.

Task 1C         30min         5p
Nursery school employees’ break exercise. 5 points.


Wednesday 16 May 2018
Nursing and caring & supporting rehabilitation 35p

Task 2A         2h         20p
The competitor works in social care and visits a patient with Parkinson’s disease. The competitor also attends a team meeting.

Task 2B         1.5h         15p
The competitor performs functional tasks regarding the recognition of living aids, nursing skills and mobility assessment.


Thursday 17 May 2018
Nursing and caring & supporting rehabilitation 30p

Task 3            4h
The competitor performs functional nursing, guidance and advising tasks regarding first aid, ergonomics and plain language.


Task duration and allotted time

Tuesday 15 May 2018                    3h 30min
Wednesday 16 May 2018              3h 30min
Thursday 17 May 2018                  4h


Assessment criteria for the competition tasks
Assessment areas
• Work process management
• Mastering work methods, equipment and materials
• Mastering the knowledge base
• Key lifelong learning skills

The jury will rank the competitors by determining a score for each competitor. The ranking is based on the CIS scoring system, with a maximum score of 100 points for each discipline (35p + 35p + 30p). The evaluation includes both objective and subjective assessments. The competitor also performs self-assessment.

The competition organizer provides the following machines, equipment and supplies
All tasks are performed in the competition venue. The area can be divided into 2-4 identical parts. The competition organizer will provide all equipment and materials needed in the tasks. The competitors have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the equipment in the competition venue on Monday 14 May 2018 from 2 pm onwards. The competitors will receive identical work uniforms (trousers and T shirts) to wear during the competition.

What the competitor brings to the competition site
The competitor must have a pin name badge and work shoes on all competition days. The competitors must also observe general tidiness and appropriate clothing.