307 Ladies’ Dressmaking

The dressmaker’s job requires manual skills, perceptive skills, initiative, logical thinking and interaction skills. In comprehensive dressmaking, the essential factors are usability and the high quality of the product, as well as a sensitive knowledge of colours, shapes, styles and trends. The competition tasks will focus on the manufacturing process of a piece of clothing.

Skill requirements

The competitor must know how to pattern, cut and manufacture products according to working instructions. The competitor must know how to design, shape and fit products or product parts according to the task given. The competitor must able to work in an economical way and finish the products for delivery. The competitor must be able to serve the customer in a professional manner. The competitor must know the basic materials and equipment of the field as well as their requirements in various phases of the production process.

The competitor must know how to use the commonly used machines and devices safely and effectively. The competitor must follow the requirements of ergonomics and work safety. The competitor must take into account the principles of entrepreneurship, sustainable development and well-being at work in his or her work.

The required skill level of the competition tasks is in line with the grade Excellent (K3) in the vocational qualification in Textiles and Clothing.