308 Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is based on the objectives and assessment criteria of the vocational qualification in business and administration. The competitor will implement experience-based and commercial displays and carry out visual event marketing for various target groups.

The competition will consist of three day-long tasks to be completed either individually or together with competitors from other competitions. Each day task will consist of three modules assessed separately, which are:

Module 1 Performing the work task

Module 2 Work performance and result

Module 3 Self-evaluation

Skill requirements and assessment criteria

The skill requirement is that the competitor is familiar with the use of visual display materials and graphic materials and considers the recycling of the materials. The competitor is able to produce customer information for the implemented displays and apply visual merchandising display techniques. The competitor must also be able to evaluate his or her own work and to work in different interaction situations. The total number of points awarded is 100. This consists of the following modules: performing the work task (30p), work performance and result (60p), and self-evaluation (10p).