310 Entrepreneurship / team of 3 persons

Coordinator Jan Nigmann ja deputy coordinator Sari Grönroos VAAOsta.

Task Description

In the entrepreneurship competition, the finals will consist of a proactive and innovative three-day competition on an entrepreneurial way of working and entrepreneurship skills. In the competition, “entrepreneurship skills” refer to the student’s personal readiness for entrepreneurship, his or her ability to seek out customer-oriented, sustainable and profitable solutions, and the student’s goal-oriented attitude towards taking responsibility for his or her actions and their consequences.

The students will compete in groups of three (3) and either develop an existing company or use their ideas to establish an imaginary company for the competition. They will draft and present a profitable business plan for the company. Additionally, the students may perform assignments received from other companies. The groups will complete the competition tasks by analysing and developing these companies.

The competition tasks will depict authentic business situations, and entrepreneurial interest groups will be involved in task assignments and assessment. The competition will be carried out in the competition arena as well as in authentic, competition-related environments. The competition will focus on the running themes of the Taitaja competitions: entrepreneurship, sustainable development, well-being at work, and work safety.

Skill requirements

The competition tasks in entrepreneurship are based on the requirements of the Excellent (K3) grade in the Business Planning, Working within a Company, and Working as a Top Talent vocational qualification modules. As far as is possible, the competitions and the functional tasks completed during the competitions will be awarded study credit and recognized as competence-based exams. The competitor may take his or her competence-based exam in the form of the semi-finals or finals.

The tasks are created using proactive teamwork.

Competence areas in entrepreneurship:

  • turning one’s competence and creativity into products and entrepreneurship
  • drafting a business plan and presenting it using the canvas model
  • proactive development of the company

To fulfil the skill requirements, as successful competitor should be:

  • taking initiative and acting responsibly as a team member
  • working in an entrepreneurial, innovative and creative way
  • a good problem-solver
  • a good team worker
  • a good networker
  • a good performer and negotiator
  • sales- and service-oriented
  • able to launch a business and work within an established company
  • able to evaluate his or her own actions and learn continually.