406 Electrical Installations

An electrician performs installation, use and maintenance tasks in industrial plants, power grid installation companies, and companies providing electrical subcontracting services. Depending on the job description, tasks may include distribution network installations, installation of lightning fixtures and other equipment in properties, installation, programming and repairs of various low-current systems, and customer service.

The competition tasks are based on various tasks related to the work of an electrician, measuring competence. The tasks have been designed so that they closely resemble the actual tasks of an electrician.

Skill requirements

The competition tasks are based on the requirements for the grade Excellent (K3) of the vocational qualification in Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology as well as on the requirements of working life for a young employee. Those holding the qualification work as electricians.

In electrical installation, special emphasis is put on work safety, adhering to the regulations of the field, and on high-quality end results. Also important are work methods, the ability to read drawings, material and cost awareness, team work skills and documentation.