408 Housing Construction, Wall and Floor Tiling

Masonry is one of the most demanding and traditional craft professions in the building trade. Masons work in building companies and as independent professionals. This vocation requires versatile manual skills, mastering various work techniques, planning skills, and caution. Masons mainly performs brick and concrete block masonry used in the foundations of buildings, and also inner and outer walls and masonry columns. Bricks are also used to make fireplaces.

A mason needs planning and organizing skills as well as caution and patience. The work requires adaptability to various work situations and varying circumstances, as well as the ability to work both independently and in a team.

The tools used in masonry include a masonry trowel, hammer, rubber mallet, mortar tub, mortar mixer, spirit level, mason’s line, etc. Machines are used in lifting and transporting heavy materials.

The job of a mason may also include plastering and tiling. Tilers install stone, concrete, brick and ceramic tiles on walls and floors, and in outdoor facilities. A tiler also often installs the waterproofing in wet areas.

It is essential to know and follow the work safety regulations.

The competition is an individual competition, but depending on the task, the competitor can be helped by an assistant provided by the organizer.

Skill requirements

The competition tasks are based on the requirements of the grade Excellent (K3) for the following competence areas of the vocational qualification in Construction:

  • frame construction work
  • foundation work
  • masonry
  • tiling