410 Landscape Gardening

Lajivastaava Susanna Koivusalo Ahlmanilta ja Ossi Ruuskanen Saskystä.
Susanna Koivusalo from Ahlman and Ossi Ruuskanen from Sasky.

Landscape gardening is a technical field that requires knowledge on plants and their use, in addition to machinery and equipment. The competition task may include plantations, pavings, steps and various materials used in landscape gardening.

Skill requirements

The grade level Excellent (3) of the vocational qualification, including the skill requirements of the task modules.


Competition task structure, central task module components and time allotted

The competition task consists of three modules, one for each competition day.

The central components of the modules are:

Module 1, working time 7h 45min:

  • Installing a stone wall
  • Planting small trees

Module 2, working time 7h 45min:

  • Wall and brick basket
  • Level stone pavement
  • Sett pavement
  • Steps

Module 3, working time 3.5 h:

  • Plantings
  • Assembling and installing a wood structure
  • Delivering the work to the customer

Competition task assessment criteria and description of the assessment process

The judges assess the performance following the directions by the main judge. The evaluation is divided into objective and subjective assessment.

Objective assessment includes clearly measurable things such as heights and dimensions, and they are assessed by module at the end of each competition day.

Subjective assessment is performed during and after the competition. Subjective assessment is based on predefined criteria on the desired end results and ways to achieve the end result.

Materials, equipment and work phases used in the competition and the competition area
(provided by the competition organizer)

The competition area is ca. 13m2. All materials needed in the competition are provided to the competitors. No personal materials are allowed in the competition. Below is a list of the materials needed in the competition task.


  • Concrete products (Rudus)
  • Stone adhesive
  • Decking boards and joists
  • Natural stones
  • Trees and bushes
  • Soils and mulches
  • Crushed stone fines

The competition is organized so the competitors do not need to provide many tools or machines.

The following tools are provided to the competitors by the organizers:

  • wheelbarrow
  • pointed spade
  • planting spade
  • secateurs
  • spirit level, 0.6m and 1.8m
  • installation tubes, 2 x 1m and 2 x 3m
  • darby
  • levelling drag
  • pile driver
  • handsaw
  • watering can
  • brush
  • shared laser measuring device; the competitors bring their own receivers

For each pair there is:

  • a guillotine

What the competitor brings to the competition venue

The competitors bring along at least the following tools:

  • work clothes with safety colours
  • all personal protective equipment such as a helmet, safety shoes, safety goggles etc.
  • stone tools
  • hand tools
  • a battery-powered drill + bits
  • measuring equipment
  • laser receiver (optional)

The competitors may bring along a battery-powered drill but no other electric, battery-powered or internal combustion-powered machines.

Sample task as a whole
(reference to an example task)



Main Judge Renne Sänisalmi, Kainuu Vocational College, Yritysamis
Judge Timo Koski, the City of Tampere
Judge Kaisa Koskelin, Lännen viherpalvelu
Judge Thomas Vasenius, Omnia Espoo
Judge Ulla Rautanen, Omnia Espoo, Euroskills competitor

Competition coordinators

Susanna Koivusalo, Ahlman Vocational College
Ossi Ruuskanen, SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium