501 Confectioner / Pastry Cook

Varavastaava Esa Salo ja Lajivastaava Hanna Oinonen Tredusta.
Deputy coordinator Esa Salo and coordinator Hanna Oinonen from Tredu.

Confectioners design and produce delicious, tempting and impressive confectionery products in a customer-oriented manner. Confectioners and pastry cooks work in small and medium-sized bakeries and patisseries, industrial bakeries, retail bakeries, bakery stations, cafés, staff catering facilities and professional catering companies. They produce savoury and sweet pastries, bakery and patisserie products, prepared bakery products and special products of the field both manually and in automated production, working with a customer-oriented approach. The work requires versatile manual skills, application skills, initiative, stress tolerance, and team work and interaction skills.

The competition tasks are based on the requirements of the grade Excellent (K3) of the vocational qualification. The competition focuses on producing various confectionery products and specialist bakery products. The competition tasks have been designed in close and valuable co-operation with real businesses -the tasks are based on the requirements of working life. During the production process, attention will be paid to hygiene, sustainable development, entrepreneurial work and self-monitoring. The competition may be used to replace competence-based exams. With the competition certificate, the competitor may apply for competence recognition in his or her studies.

Skill requirements

The competitor can produce versatile and impressive confectionery products. The competitor knows how to handle raw materials carefully and economically. The competitor is able to plan his or her work, interpret and apply instructions given, perform calculations related to the raw materials and work, and present and evaluate his or her own work. The competitor understands the effect of his or her actions on product quality and business. The competitor is able to consider traditions, visible trends and internationality in designing and manufacturing the products.

The competitor

  • follows instructions on hygiene, self-monitoring, work safety and quality as well as food industry legislation
  • plans and organizes his or her own work and is able to change plans, apply information and solve problems
  • manages ad handles raw materials in various phases of production: proactive work, the handling of raw materials, product manufacturing and storing, and finishing one’s work phase
  • is able to use the tools, machines and equipment required by the work
  • has good manual skills when manufacturing confectionery products and special bakery products
  • can evaluate the quality of raw materials and products
  • considers the marketability of the product during production
  • packages the products for storage, transport and sales
  • uses environmentally friendly methods
  • pays attention to remaining fit to work
  • co-operates with others
  • works in a customer-oriented, profitable and productive way, complying with quality, safety and aesthetic requirements for the products
  • produces reports, written messages and calculations needed in the work with the help of information technology.