504 Restaurant Service

During the competition, waiters work in various customers service tasks in restaurants with different business ideas. They are able to maintain customer facilities and know how to present, sell and serve products and services in various ways. They are able to cater for individual customers and customer groups, and co-operate with the kitchen staff and other waiting staff.

Waiters are able to serve both Finnish and foreign customers, act in a responsible way and actively pay attention to the needs of different customers. They observe licensing and hygiene regulations and the principles of sustainable development.

Skill requirements

The competition tasks are based on the requirements for the grade Excellent (K3) of the vocational qualification in Hotel and Restaurant Services, study programme Restaurant Services, and the vocational qualification in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services, study programme Customer Service. The competition tasks have been designed in close co-operation with working life and are based on its requirements.

The competence areas of waiting staff in the vocational qualification in hotel, restaurant and catering services, study programme customer service, are:

  • customer service and sales
  • serving meals and beverages
  • serving à la carte meals
  • selling and serving beverages
  • catering and banquet service
  • café services
  • meeting services

Skill requirements for a successful competitor include:

  • providing good and friendly service
  • active and customer-oriented sales services
  • observing appropriate service etiquette
  • preparing the dining room (laying tables, different ways of setting tablecloths and folding napkins)
  • basic service skills (handling the tray, carrying plates)
  • knowing how different dishes are served
  • registering sales
  • beverage knowledge and serving
  • combining food and beverages, beverage recommendations
  • preparing and serving the most common drinks and special coffees
  • hygiene competence and keeping the working environment clean and tidy
  • catering for meetings
  • finishing dishes in the dining room (flambéing, cutting, portioning)
  • planning and organizing one’s own work
  • managing the service process and having situational sensitivity and promptness
  • social skills and communicating with different customers
  • working in co-operation with others
  • problem-solving skills
  • basic knowledge of Swedish and English
  • personal appearance, posture, movements and ergonomics
  • paying attention to entrepreneurship, sustainable development, well-being at work, and work safety.