606 Mechatronics / team of 2 persons

Automation assemblers work with discrete, process or building automation and new-generation automation applications such as the IoT (Internet of Things). Assemblers perform installation, control, maintenance and commissioning tasks. They must know the products of several different manufacturers of equipment, components and control systems and be able to install, connect, use and program them. This equipment includes programmable logic, placeable and parameterized sensors, computer vision sensors, touch screens, industrial robots, frequency converters, pneumatics components, devices related to machine safety and various installation materials.

Skill requirements

The competition tasks are based on the requirements of the grade Excellent (K3) of the vocational qualifications in Electrical Engineering and Metalwork and Machinery, study programme Automation Technology and Maintenance, as well as the requirements of working life for young employees.

The required competence areas of the vocational qualification in Electrical Engineering are:

  • Basics of electrical engineering and automation technology (45 skill points)
  • Electrical and automation assembly (30sp)
  • Discrete automation (30sp)
  • Building automation and information systems (30sp)

and in the qualification in Metalwork and Machinery:

  • Basic assembly and automation work (15sp)
  • Electromechanical assembly (30sp)
  • and Automation assembly (30sp)
  • Using robots (15osp)
  • Machine automation installation (15osp)