Welcome to Taitaja2018, Finnish national skills competition in Tampere, Finland!

The competition will take place 14–17 May 2018. Taitaja is the largest single annual vocational education and training event organized in Finland. We aim at promoting vocational education, improving

connections to entrepreneurs and companies and increasing awareness of the vocational education and professional skills.

The national Taitaja2018 competitors are age 21 or under VET students. The competition for the Finnish championship includes 45 skills and approximately 400 competitors. Some skills also have international competitors and students from upper secondary schools and universities of applied sciences. In addition, there is TaitajaPLUS competition for students with special needs and Taitaja9 competition for pupils in the comprehensive schools.

There will also be presentations of different skills and many other activities in Taitaja2018. During the competition there will be an international seminar which guests are welcome to join. The seminar gives an opportunity to hear more about topical themes and build contacts with colleagues from both Finnish and international partner institutions.

Taitaja2018 finals are open to international competitors from around the world. International students are offered a chance to watch or, in some skills, also take part as guest competitors, enjoy the interesting programme, find inspiration in Finnish top expertise and network with other students and organizations.

We are also tailoring some excursions for those international guests who want to enjoy the conference programme as well as Finnish culture and nature but who are not sending competitors.

The main venue of the event is Exhibition and Sports Centre, Tampere (TESC 

International guide