Patron of Taitaja2018

Greetings from the patron of Taitaja2018 Tampere

Tampere – the best for students!

Tampere is Finland’s largest student city. In Tampere, young adults form a significant share of the population, and the larges age groups is 24-year-olds. Nearly 40 per cent of the people in Tampere are aged 20 to 40. Elsewhere in Finland, this number is 25 per cent. The most attractive student city has a significant role in these numbers.

The successes of the new higher education community, the city of Tampere and the whole region are tightly intertwined. We do have a lot going on: Tampere is a trend-setter in many areas – and not least in finding and creating new opportunities.

Know-how should be acquired and developed. Education should lead to work and livelihood. Our objective is to guarantee every young person their first job together with the companies. Our objective is also to ensure a path of education and employment for every young person.

Co-operation with the whole region is of primary importance in the future as well. The roots of Tredu’s operation also lie on the co-operation of the Tampere region. Tredu integrates all the vocational education in the region and offers a path towards further studies or professional life.

The Finnish education system is ingenious. The road forward is not cut off whether you choose vocational or general upper secondary education. Each path can lead to a university career!

The new university of Tampere will enable new opportunities for co-operation between universities, companies, the university of applied sciences and upper secondary education.

Co-operation with the biggest actors in the field may result in hands-on learning and open the paths to employment for the young. It will also bring competence and professionals to the whole Tampere region. It combines top academic research, practical skills and co-operation with business life. The new university is an innovation centre in Tampere.

One of Tampere’s objectives is to be at the top of education and know-how in 2030. This includes high-quality and communal learning, education and competence leading to employment as well as attracting competent workforce and integrating them to Tampere.

The success of the new higher education community and the learning paths toward work in upper secondary education are tightly intertwined with each other and the success of Tampere and the whole region. We do have a lot going on: Tampere is a trend-setter in many areas – and not least in finding and creating new opportunities.

Speech in the Opening ceremony of Taitaja2018

Lauri Lyly
Mayor of Tampere
Patron of Taitaja2018 Tampere